Enabling collaborative food production and global food security

We are powering a future where rural farmers are empowered, new agriculture technologies are explored, and where everyone is a farmer.

The Farmcrowdy Group is comprised of individuals with unique skill sets and years of experience in technology, management, product development and operations who are all committed to making key expertise available to all players in the agriculture value chain.

We are focused on improving core farm production, crop yield optimisation through research, establishing a ready market for farm produce, closing the knowledge gap that exists in the agricultural space in Africa, harnessing our data intelligence and exploring all available technological possibilities of smart farming.

Our Portfolio

Farmcrowdy Group is a tech-driven agriculture innovation company, with a unique portfolio that includes some of Africa’s leading digital agriculture brands.

Nigeria’s First Digital Agriculture Platform that empowers rural farmers by providing them with farm inputs, training on modern farming techniques and sales of their farm produce which gives them the capacity to farm more acres, and leads to increased food production and security in Africa.


Farmgate Africa provides major processors and international buyers the opportunity to buy commodities directly from farming clusters thus optimizing market access to African farmers and by extension improving their income margins as the farmers are closer to the processors due to the reduction of the layers of intermediaries.


A Mission that Impacts Everyone

With a projected population explosion which will include billions of underserved people around the world, global food production is not the job of a select few. Farmcrowdy Group is actively solving the problem of food production and security at scale by using cutting-edge technology, to create a future where everyone can participate in the agriculture value chain regardless of their primary occupation.

Improving Food Production & Security:

By creating a platform where farm sponsors can support rural farmers by sponsoring farm units, Farmcrowdy has generated over 35,000 farm sponsorships, raised over 1.7M poultry birds, and farmed 16,000 acres of land.

Optimizing Market Access for African farmers:

We are building a digital marketplace for trading the commodities that African farmers produce by facilitating communication, partnerships and transparent pricing for buyers and sellers in the continent.

Research, Development and Awareness:

There is a lot of ongoing research and development especially with using technology to scale up agriculture operations. We are committed to fostering communications between experts, enthusiasts and students of agriculture by establishing the largest online community of knowledge and data for Agriculture in Africa.